It Was a Stand-off to Beat All Stand-offs

Five-hour Mexican stand-off

It Was a Stand-off to Beat All Stand-offs

Would you wait five hours to catch the mother of all Eastern Brown snakes?

Hell no, most of us would be running in the opposite direction without our feet even touching the ground but this snake catcher would not be beaten.

The epic stand-off took up much of the day on Tuesday– five hours of it before victory.

This mammoth sized Eastern Brown (pictured below) was fond of sunbaking and had a daily habit of doing it on a rock wall at a residence in Marburg.

Image: Andrews Snake Removal



According to reports around 9am every day the slithering sunbaker would make an appearance and right on schedule it made it showed up on Tuesday morning.

Little did it know it would be its last at its favoured spot.

After nearly a day of waiting, the unwanted lodger was finally caught.  Andrew of Andrews Snake Removal said the 1.8 metre long reptile was the longest he had caught in his five years as a professional snake catcher.

Image: Andrews Snake Removal

The snake was relocated a kilometre from its sunbathing retreat.

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