Investigators Find Source of Myall Creek Oil Spill

Myall Creek contaminated by oil spill

Investigators Find Source of Myall Creek Oil Spill Contributed

A Dalby business is at fault for the oil spill into Myall Creek.

Investigators have found that the source of the oil leak that contaminated Myall Creek comes from a concrete tank that is located on Black Toyota’s property in Drayton Street.

Emergency Services were at the scene on Sunday:

Western Downs Regional Council Mayor Paul McVeigh, said the council and the business were working together to halt the oil leak.

"After an extensive inspection of the Dalby storm water pipeline network, the leak was discovered in a concrete waste oil tank on the property of Black Toyota,” Cr McVeigh said.

The leak has temporarily been plugged with some industry grade equipment while the dealer and council work on a more permanent solution.