How To Save Big Money On Your Grocery Shop And Support A Longtime Local Business Betros Bros!

They bring the groceries to your car!

How To Save Big Money On Your Grocery Shop And Support A Longtime Local Business Betros Bros!

Are you wanting to save some BIG money on your grocery shop? Of course you are! Betros Bros are celebrating 80 years of servicing the Darling Downs and to celebrate, we wanted to highlight what makes them the place to go for all of your produce needs without paying more then you need to! If you've ever wanted to know how to make some massive savings on your fruit and veg shop, here is how Betros Bros can help:

They support local farmers

Supporting local farmers will not only ensure your produce is as fresh as it can possibly be, but it will also make you feel great for supporting your community. Giving back to those who provide you with great products is a lovely feeling and you'll be glad you buy direct from a seller! 

Go to a stand alone business

Forget trying to find a car park in a big shopping centre when you can make your way to a local stand alone business who have the freshest products on the market. In Toowoomba, you can't go past Betros Bros for all things fresh at a low price. You'll even get your groceries delivered to your car! They're all about supporting local businesses and community organisations too. 

Buy fresh products

The fresher, the better and this is where Betros Bros stands out from the crowd. You'll get your products from the farm to the store in the same day! This makes shopping easier and you'll know exactly where your produce is coming from. 

Look out for specials

Do your research and head online or in store to pick up on their current specials, especially in the lead up to their 80th birthday. This could mean huge savings on avocados or a bargain price on your favourite chocolate! This will also mean you'll get extra savings when you're already saving by shopping local! You can also order online for delivery or pick up from the store on Russell Street!


Betros Bros have been in business 80 years and provide Toowoomba with fresh fruit and vegetables, supporting local farmers while doing so. For all of your fresh farm-to-store groceries, head to Betros Bros!