First Coat Art Festival: Intl' Artists Announced

First Coat welcomes ...

First Coat Art Festival: Intl' Artists Announced

Image Supplied / First Coat: Cyrcle

Over the weekend of 19 - 21 May, First Coat Intl’ Art Festival will bring a 30-strong line-up of artists to Toowoomba.

Arriving from across the country and the globe, artists will deliver a program of synergetic art experiences and each add their own mural to the already extensive First Coat Outdoor Gallery.

The gallery currently contains over 80 urban artworks. It is one of the largest galleries of its kind in Australia and is a growing hotspot for arts tourism. It’s a festival worth travelling for.


Image Supplied / First Coat: Drapi Treas

In 2017, First Coat Intl’ Art Festival welcomes:

Lauren Hom - Californian-born, formerly Brooklyn-based, designer and letterer who's known for her bright colour palettes and playful letterforms. Lauren has created work for clients like Starbucks, Google, AT&T, YouTube and TIME Magazine. She’s also the author of the popular blog and now book, Daily Dishonesty. During the festival Lauren will be speaking about her work at one of the on-site artist talks. For more on Lauren

Cyrcle - LA-based, two-man collective consisting of artists David Leavitt (Davey Detail) and David Torres (Rabi). Their artwork focuses on life, duality and the human condition combined with the aesthetic consid-eration of form, typeface, colour and balance. They’ve collaborated with artists such as Pharrell (featuring in the 24-hour music video for the single “Happy”), Chad Muska, David Flores, Esthero, as well as AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Audi. They have appeared in publications L.A.Times, L.A. Weekly, and Huff-ington Post. Cyrcle will be giving an artists talk in Club Lane. For more on Cyrcle


Mica Still - NZ-based artist who grew up in a small coastal town in Pacific Northwest, USA, where the art scene was dominated by seaside watercolours. Immigrating to New Zealand after graduating from art school, her work, with its radiant colour and optical punch, has shown in over a 100 exhibitions. She has been an art mentor, curated shows and has caught the eye of many collectors. During the festival Mica will run a Sticker Making Workshop for kids at the newly expanded Grand Central.

For more on Mica