Crime Stoppers Week Wraps Up

Illegal drugs, property crime

Crime Stoppers Week Wraps Up

Crime Stoppers Week wrapped up on Friday, police would like to remind you that if you have information about people who are involved in the use, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs you are encouraged to report this information to Crime Stoppers.

Illegal drugs not only effect individuals but will also effects, relationships, families and the broader community.

The theft of a motor vehicle will often occur in connection with a burglary or unlawful entry of a home or business where offenders locate keys to a vehicle and then steal the vehicle.

The theft of a vehicle significantly impacts the owner of the vehicle and stolen vehicles are often used to commit other crimes or offences.

If you have any information in relation to people involved in illegal drugs, theft of motor vehicles or property, unlawful entry of homes or businesses or the sale of stolen goods you are encouraged to report this information to police.

CRIME STOPPERS:  1800.333.000


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