Could This Be the Future for Toowoomba?

High-speed train in the Garden City

Could This Be the Future for Toowoomba?

A bold and ambitious plan is being tossed around for the future of travel in the Garden City – in the form of a futuristic high-speed train.

Reports indicate that a Sir Richard Branson backed company would like to build a futuristic high-speed train through Toowoomba with Ultraspeed Australia unveiling a proposal to look at building a public transport system that could see commuters travel to Brisbane in less than 10 minutes.

Ultraspeed director Steve Artis says they would be looking at running it alongside the Inland Rail corridor and through to Sydney.

Mayor Paul Antonio has told The Chronicle that the plan is aspirational but says it has merit.  While Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprises C-E-O Shane Charles says the concept is only theoretical but it opens up a conversation around high speed rail.