Changes to St Vincent's Hospital Entrance

Are in effect

Changes to St Vincent's Hospital Entrance


The front entrance of Toowoomba's Saint Vincent hospital is offline - with builders starting the next phase of the redevelopment.

The $30 million dollar project will see six new operating theatres and a number of new services for the Darling Downs.

Hospital CEO Kathryn McKeefry says it is a big milestone for the project and there may be a bit of initial confusion over the temporary entrance change:

“We’ve reached the front which is where we get to take our front entrance off-line and we hand it over to the builders so they can start the $30 million theatre development building, which for patients, relatives and staff means we change our entrance.

Our entrance goes back being the original entrance of the Hospital, at Entrance One, which takes effect as of today.

As everybody is used to entering at Entrance One it will most likely be the natural course for most people.  If you do happen to make that mistake will just need to drive straight around, do a bit of a loop and enter at Entrance Two.”

Changes are effective as of now.