Bushfire Could Be Closer than You Think

Prepare before they strike

Bushfire Could Be Closer than You Think

Bushfire could be closer than you think. You might not live anywhere near bushland but bushfires can affect you while you’re on holidays or travelling for business. Major bushfires have occurred from Cape York down to Stanthorpe. Last bushfire season Queensland firefighters attended more than 6000 bushfires.

Bushfires are unpredictable. They travel faster uphill than downhill, their embers can travel many kilometres and a small fire can become metres high in seconds with a change in wind.

There’s simple things you can do now to prepare your property, like clearing gutters, closing gaps in decks and floors, reducing vegetation around the home and trimming low-lying branches.

You can also prepare yourself and your family by discussing what actions you’ll take if there’s a bushfire nearby – like if you’ll stay or go.

It’s also important to tune into warnings and local media, so you know what’s going on in your area during bushfire season.

These actions and more are all part of your Bushfire Survival Plan. Prepare your home, property and family now and have your Bushfire Survival Plan in place, before bushfire strikes.

Visit the bushfire safety website to find out more.