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Boundary Street Upgrade is Complete

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Boundary Street Upgrade is Complete

The Boundary Street upgrade that will provide a connection to the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC) is now complete.

Toowoomba Regional Council Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Infrastructure Committee Cr Carol Taylor said the upgraded Boundary Street would play a vital role in the growth of Toowoomba’s transport network.

“The upgrade was designed to provide a connection from the TSRC to the Torrington industrial area and Boundary Street is expected to be used by both light and heavy vehicles accessing the area over time,” Cr Taylor said.

The upgrade was constructed over a two year period in stages from Bridge Street to north of Hermitage Road where Boundary Street connects to the TSRC.

A new section of road was constructed between Bedwell and Pedersen Streets - the missing link in the Boundary Street alignment – with the community no longer having to travel via Hendy Street.

There has also been significant improvement made to the intersection of Boundary Street and Hermitage Road with a new alignment north from Boundary Street to the connection with the TSRC which involved straightening of the old alignment, widening the intersection and installing traffic signals will greatly improve safety for all road users.

The project has involved road widening in the section from Pedersen Street to Bridge Street to create four lanes for the majority of that section, installation of street lighting for the length of the project, significant drainage upgrades to channel storm water and overland run-off, and installation of footpaths or provision for footpaths along various parts of Boundary Street.

The upgrade is one of the largest road construction projects that Council has undertaken in recent times with an outcome that will improve driver and pedestrian safety, cater for both local residents and vehicles using the TSRC and improve traffic efficiency.

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