Lynette Daley's Family Call for DPP to Resign

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Lynette Daley's Family Call for DPP to Resign

The family of Lynette Daley have called for the Director of Public Prosecutions to quit, or be sacked.

It comes as sentencing was adjourned until December for the two men found guilty of their roles in the death of the mother.

Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Fullerton heard submissions yesterday in Coffs Harbour, after a jury took just 32 minutes to return a guilty verdict in August.

The family of Ms Daley addressed media outside Coffs Harbour Court yesterday, with calls for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Lloyd Babb, to resign or be sacked.

Ms Daley’s step father Gordon Davis questioned Mr Babb’s decision not to prosecute initially, when a jury returned a guilty verdict so quickly.

He said, “I feel the DPP is solely ­responsible for the trauma to my family”.

Charges had been dropped by Lloyd Babb, with his office again refusing to charge the men, despite a recommendation by State Coroner Michael Barnes in 2014.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Maris’ barrister Eug­ene Wasilenia said the judge had to take into account the delay in prosecuting, which had left his client in “suspense”.

While Justice Fullerton said the charges were dropped and not pursued “for reasons I do not know or understand”.

Sentencing for the two men has been adjourned to December 8 with both men to remain in custody.