26 Truckies Test Positive to Drugs in Operation Rolling Thunder

It wrapped up last night

26 Truckies Test Positive to Drugs in Operation Rolling Thunder

A Police operation to crackdown on 'cowboy' truck drivers has stopped 26 drivers in their tracks for testing positive to drugs.

NSW Police with the assistance of NSW Roads & Maritime Services, Victorian, Queensland, ACT, and South Australian Police Forces stopped more than 5000 trucks yesterday and issued over 2000 defects in what was Australia’s largest ever heavy vehicle compliance operation.

Operation Rolling Thunder began at 6am and concluded after 10pm on Thursday.

During the operation, police from all states and RMS inspectors combined stopped and inspected more than 5000 heavy vehicles.

More than 2000 defect notices for a range of offences have been issued, with 26 drivers returning positive drug tests.

1752 drivers were tested for drugs, the result labelled disgraceful by the Commander of NSW Police Traffic & Highway Patrol.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said, "The fact that we caught 26 drivers who tested positive for drugs is just a disgrace".

He said that the sheer number of defects and the number of drivers testing positive for drugs, shows that there's still too many dangerous trucks on our roads.

"To have more than two thousand defects issued in a single day within the heavy-vehicle industry, shows that there is a lot of work to be done to ensure trucks are safe on our roads", he said.

“While the operation has concluded, our work has only just begun.

"We will be following up with companies, drivers and operators who think they are above the law and we won’t stop until we can be sure that all trucks on our roads are safe for all road users,” Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.