Eye Sore No More

Taking Down the Old Hospital

Eye Sore No More

Demolition works on the former Orange Base Hospital are in full swing, crews set to get their hands dirty on the Prince Street side of the old building, this week.

It’s taken 6 years, but with contamination and asbestos cleared, the last hurdle is out of the way.

The Orange City Council awarded Albury based firm Zauner Construction, with a $3.4 million contract, to start the demolition.

The deconstruction is set to take around 6 months, and will be undertaken with a machine called a ‘concrete muncher,’ rather than a wrecking ball or explosives.

While the council has approved this careful demolition method, they say that like any construction site, “there will be some noise and dust associated with the works, but this will be kept to a minimum wherever possible.”

All buildings on the 2.1 hectare site will be removed, with the exception of the heritage ambulance station and a number of trees.

We can visit a new dedicated mini- site, for more information on the plans, and the process.