Council throws full support behind SES Recruitment Campaign

SES Recruitment

Council throws full support behind SES Recruitment Campaign

As the region heads into the traditional bushfire season, Rockhampton Regional Council has thrown its full support behind a recruitment drive by the SES.

The campaign spans from Longreach to Mackay and Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group, Councillor Tony Williams, said it was a worthy cause to volunteer for.

“It was only a few short months ago during the flood that we saw the SES out in force across Rockhampton and the work they did helping the community in preparing for the event, during the flood itself and then in the clean up afterwards was incredible,” Cr Williams said.

“We’re into our traditional bushfire season now of July to November and there is no shortage of work to be done but what the SES always needs is more bodies on the ground.

“We’re quite lucky that we have a generous community here in Rockhampton which selflessly gives up a lot of time and effort and it’s that spirit that we’re calling on now.

“If you’ve ever thought about joining the SES, now is the time to do it. They provide the training and the resources; all they need is willing and able residents to put their hands up.

“It doesn’t matter if you can do a little or a lot, every bit of help they can get is fantastic and we would encourage anyone who is able to help to do so,” Cr Williams said.

SES Local Controller for the Rockhampton Regional Council SES Unit Mr Eddie Cowie also commended the importance of this recruitment drive stating that SES Volunteers are everyday community members that do extraordinary things.

“I have seen the worst in nature but the best in our SES Volunteers and when the recruiting call goes out, our community responds with the willingness to help”

“As long as you are fit for the task and can attend our training and SES courses, you could be suitable” Mr Cowie said.

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