Help Keep Australia Beautiful This Week

Let's get our waterways clean!

Help Keep Australia Beautiful This Week TripAdvisor

We all love the natural beauty of our country, and this week we get the chance to celebrate that with Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) Week, an annual event to raise awareness on how we can reduce our impact on the environment.

This year, the theme is SOS – Save Our Seas – and the week will be focusing on marine litter with the Keep Our Waterways Beautiful competition.

Chief Executive Officer of SunWater, Nicole Hollows, said that KAB week is “an ideal time to remind communities to take pride in their local water recreation areas and uphold their responsibility to respect our wonderful natural environment.”

She encourages families and communities to start a conversation on how to properly dispose of rubbish so that it doesn’t end up in our Aussie waterways.

Further information is available at the KAB website.