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Australia said yes... what did CQ say?

Survey results for Capricornia and Flynn

Australia said yes... what did CQ say?

Today's announcement of the same sex marriage survey results showed Aussies overwhelmingly support marriage equality.

Nearly 80% of eligible voters participated in the survey – 7,817,247 (61.6%) said yes while 4,873,987 (38.4%) said no.

Queensland's results were close to the national average with 60.7% supporting same sex marriage, and 39.3% opposed.

Support in the Flynn and Capricornia federal electorates was slightly lower, but both showed a yes majority.

75,803 people in Flynn had their say in the survey, with 39,020 (51.5%) saying yes and 36,783 (48.5%) saying no.

Capricornia had less respondents at 73,834 but showed slightly stronger support for marriage equality: 39,917 (54.1%) in favour trumped the 33,917 (45.9%) against.