Weekend Weather Warning

Strong winds and heavy rainfall

Weekend Weather Warning
The Bureau of Metereology is predicting some intense weather for our region over the next few days.

The worst of the heavy rainfall and strong winds are likely to strike over the weekend.

Currently, there's a 80 per cent prediction for rainfall on both Friday and Saturday.

It's due to a low pressure system flowing through our region. 

Temperatures are likely to stay around 20-21 degrees from tomorrow.

Rain may also begin tomorrow, with a 30 per cent chance we'll see less than a millimetre across our region.

On Friday we'll likely see northeasterly winds of up to 20-30 km/h. On Saturday, the winds may reach up to 40km/h flowing in the same direction.

On Saturday, we'll see the most o the rain, with a predicted 10mm expected in some areas.

It will continue to rain on Sunday, but most likely less than 1mm. Winds will die down massively by the end of the weekend.

Rain may continue into next week, but it will be far less than over the weekend. Temperatures will also creep up into the mid-twenties by the end of next week.