Pics from across the Coast


We asked you to send us the pics you took during the weekend's storm.

Wherever you happened to be, we wanted to see what you were seeing, and we gotta say, we ended up with some spectacular shots!

Here's a few of our favourites, taken by you.

Dennis Tigers

[Dennis Tigers]

Lexi Brennan

[Lexi Brennan]

Ash Marshall

[Ash Marshall]

Ben Small

[Ben Small]

Ben Assaf

[Ben Assaf]

Dale Robinson

[Dale Robinson]

Dylan Harvey

[Dylan Harvey]

Kathy Chapman

[Kathy Chapman]

Katy Dingwall

[Katy Dingwall]

Katy Dingwall

[Katy Dingwall]

Lisa Kells

[Lisa Kells]

Matti B Fotography

[Matti B Fotography]

sarina tisdell

[Sarina Tisdell]

Susanne Akehurst

[Susanne Akehurst]

Susanne Akehurst

[Susanne Akehurst]

Ben Walker

[Ben Walker]

Amanda Ohlsen

[Amanda Ohlsen]

It caused a bit of damage and a lot of fright across the Coast. But, thankfully when it did end, the lightning was replaced with a spectacular rainbow across the Coast.

It almost made it worth it! Madison Rodd managed to capture this pic over Terrigal:

Madison Rodd

[Madison Rodd]