Opposition looks to give renters leg-up

Announcement at The Entrance.

Opposition looks to give renters leg-up L to R: Yasmin Catley, Marko and David Mahan

One in three people in NSW would benefit from a clearer set of rules around the termination of rental properties as detailed in Labor’s latest announcement on making housing affordable and fair.


Labor promised that if elected in 2019 it would remove the so called “no grounds” provisions that allows landlords to evict tenants without giving a reason.


Local Member for The Entrance, was joined by the Shadow Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Yasmin Catley, in highlighting Labor’s case for a fairer, more stable rental market in NSW.


With housing becoming less and less affordable and stagnant wage growth, renters now represented a broad cross section of society.


Tenant advocates, academics and church groups have pointed to the use of no grounds evictions by unscrupulous landlords to remove tenants who have asked for basic repairs.


Almost 20,000 people live in rented accommodation in this electorate – representing around 4 percent of all households in our community.


Labor said it would work with landlords, tenants and industry stakeholders in coming up with a fair set of rules around grounds for evictions.


Grounds would include the need to sell, family reasons, as well as breaches by the tenant.


Besides ending unfair evictions, Labor would work towards longer term lease templates as well as restricting rent increases to once a year.


The need for landlords to provide a reason for a termination notice was already the law in Tasmania and the ACT and the Victorian Government recently announced its intentions to end unfair evictions.