Eminem Copyright Case Heard In New Zealand

Riff played to jury

Eminem Copyright Case Heard In New Zealand

Eminem's Lose Yourself has hit global headlines again, following the rapper's allegation that a major New Zealand political party used the song without permission.

It's understood the rapper has taken the National Party to court based on their alleged use of the song in their 2014 election campaign advertisement.

Eminem's publishers Eight Mile Style and Martin Affiliated are seeking damages on his behalf.

The advertisement in question was aired in September 2014, for the then-leader John Key's re-election campaign.

The 30-sec ad featured an instrumental production of music allegedly resembling the beat and motif of Lose Yourself.

The New Zealand court has heard the National Party allegedly bought the song from an Australian production music library, called Beatbox Music.

Eminem is not expected to make an appearance at the trial.

Jeff Bass, one of the three composers on the Grammy and Academy Award-winning song, has today played the song in court. He's been quoted as telling the judge "...it's a blatant rip off." 

The trial is ongoing.