Coast MPs speak on SSM bill

Hopes it will be passed this week.

Coast MPs speak on SSM bill

Both the Coast's local MPs spoke on the bill to amend Same Sex Marriage in Canberra last night.

Lucy Wicks reiterated she'll respect the wishes of the electorate and vote yes on the final bill, while also defending the postal survey process.

"Holding a plebiscite in the form of a postal survey has meant we've been able to hear from everyone," Ms Wicks said, while also criticising the tactics of the 'Yes' campaign.

"Unfortunately, in the course of the campaign, from advocates over the past few years, slogans like 'marriage equality' and 'love is love' became such powerful phrases that they were unfortunately sometimes used as emotional weapons against those who did not support changing the definition of marriage.

"Those who dared to ask a question about whether there may be any unintended ramifications to same-sex marriage legislation ran the risk of being potentially branded a bigot or a homophobe."

While Emma McBride told the story of youth theatre company leader Joshua Maxwell, who grew up in a family with two mums.

"In August, following the announcement of the marriage equality postal survey, Josh wrote to the Prime Minister about the effects the postal survey could have on children in families like his," Ms McBride said.

"Josh says when he posted this letter online he didn't expect many people to see it. It reached over two million people. Unfortunately, the debate wasn't always respectful."

"Josh received several death threats. I have heard from people whose windows were broken, and whose letterbox was vandalised and stuffed with anonymous and vile letters because they put up a marriage equality poster. As Josh says, those people who did such things got a vote, too. It was an ordeal that so many should not have had to endure, but our community's voice has been heard."