Central Coast Council, Police To Tackle Road Safety

Speeding crackdown.

Central Coast Council, Police To Tackle Road Safety

A new campaign looking to slam the brakes on the Central Coast's speeding ways kicks off next month.

The joint education and enforcement campaign by Council and Police is being launched in repsonse to damning statistics: 

Speeding is a factor in 23 per cent of crashes causing injury or ‘casualty crashes’ on the Central Coast, seven per cent higher than the NSW average. Casualty crashes that also result in a fatality involve speeding in 43 per cent of cases on the Central Coast, three per cent higher than the state average.

Senior Sergeant Rob Lawson from NSW Police says the speeding culture on the Central Coast needs to change.

“If you collide with a pedestrian at 60km per hour, 85 per cent of those pedestrians will die,” said Senior Sergeant Lawson.

“Increasing your speed by 6km above the speed limit is likely to save you two minutes on the average Coast trip, but will substantially increase your chances of crashing and hurting another person. Two minutes or 120 heart beats – saving two minutes through speeding just isn’t worth it.”

The campaign will include 50km per hour educational messages and Police enforcement, which follows on from earlier traffic monitoring and road safety checks conducted by Council.

The announcement comes as families prepare to head back to and from the Coast on the M1 as the school holidays draw to a close.

Tuggerah Lakes Police have put the call out for us to avoid drink and drug driving saying they've caught 10 motorists with illegal substances in their system over the past two weeks.