Where can you score a spot?


By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit –

It’s Cricket day in Canberra!

While that brings immense joy for many, it also brings dread, as locals ponder WHERE to park?

So we thought we’d come up with a few sneaky ways to ensure you snag a good spot.

Wear high vis

Let’s face it – anyone wearing high vis looks like they have an important job to do. Why not purchase a cheap high vis vest and orange cones.. then go out.. and just start marking out some space! Nine times out of 10 – you won’t get questioned.

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Park at the church

Haven’t been to church lately? Now’s your chance. There’s parking at St Christopher’s Cathedral in Manuka for $5.. just a stones throw away from the oval! This one is perhaps more legit than our first option, but not as fun, ha!

Nearby Tinder date

Log on to Tinder, or sign up for this reason alone, and see who you can hook up with nearby! You never know, if you’ve made a good enough impression, you might convince them to let you park at their house!

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The PM’s XI vs Sri Lanka match gets underway at 7:15pm at Manuka Oval.

The match will be a double-header, with an ACT XI taking on the ICC’s 16th-ranked nation, Papua New Guinea from 2:30pm.

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