Cat still in vet care after fire


By Renee Bogatko

It’s been a rough start to the year for Moke the cat.

You may’ve read our story the other day about Moke, who had to be resuscitated after that house fire in Chisholm.

Well, it’s been touch and go for Moke the last few days, so we thought we’d check in with her family to see how she’s doing.

In good news, Moke has come out of the oxygen tent and has been allowed to stay at the family’s regular vet.

“She has improved with her breathing but is still on IV fluids and medication.. still may take a couple of weeks to monitor,” Moke’s owner, Natalie Rakei, said.

“She has come this far so fingers crossed she gets back to her normal self soon and hopefully she keeps fighting strong.”

As anyone with a pet knows, vet costs can be astronomical.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help the family.

“Expensive veterinary costs is the last thing this beautiful family needs to worry about,” Kaz Williams said.

So far, nearly half of the $4,000 fundraising goal has been raised in just a few days.

To help Moke recover and to ease some of the worry for her family, you can donate here.