Calls for tighter animal controls


By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit – Bonzami Emmanuelle/

Most of us know someone who’s been involved in, or witnessed, a dog attack.

It’s not surprising, given there’s been 360 reported dog attacks in Canberra over the past year.

Of those, 155 cases needed to be treated for injuries at emergency departments.

And these are just the cases that actually get reported!

The concerning figures have prompted the ACT Liberals to move a motion in the Legislative Assembly this week, calling for tighter animal controls.

Shadow Urban Services Minister Steve Doszpot said the government needs to educate dog owners about the dangers dogs can pose to the wider community.

“We believe it is also imperative that the Government urgently allocates resources to educate people on their obligations and responsibilities as dog owners,” he said.

“The number of attacks are too many and we need a response from the Government on what they intend to do to cut down on the number of these instances.”

Minister Doszpot is also concerned, if urgent action isn’t taken, there could be some devastating outcomes.

“The second highest injuries to people in these attacks has been to the head. Some of these little dogs that have been attacked, I mean, we’re just very very concerned that one of these attacks could relate to a child.”

While a key focus of the motion is better education, it also demands changes which could include increasing penalties, or changing classification or management of dangerous dogs.

The Opposition will present the motion to the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, March 29.

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