Work life balance


By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit – berndneeser/

Working out if/when to have kids is a big call – especially if you’ve worked hard to build a successful career you love.

That’s the conundrum facing HIT 104.7 Breakfast co-hosts, Ryan and Tanya.

Working in radio, especially breakfast radio, isn’t the kind of 8 hour a day job where you roll in, work, go home, then switch off. It’s constant. Very rewarding, but constant.

Ryan and Tanya opened up about their fears in Ryan’s latest podcast about Work Life Balance..

They chatted to parenting expert and PhD Justin Coulson about how to know if you’re ready to be a parent, if people are willing to sacrifice their careers for their children and how life priorities change over time.

And things got pretty real..

Tanya was reduced to tears at one point.

I’m sorry to get upset but it’s really scary for me because I really want to be a mum but I also don’t want to give up everything I’ve worked towards.

- Tanya Hennessy

Justin had some key pieces of advice for Ryan and Tanya, and other potential parents..

“You’ll never be ready and at some point you just need to dive in, keep your fingers crossed, then love them like crazy,” he said.

He also described how the joys of parenting don’t destroy your career passion, they just change your perspective.

“They become less important and you think, this was worth it. There’s nothing that compares to this. It’s extraordinary.”

“Work Life Balance” was the latest episode in Ryan’s new podcast called “Am I Ready To Be A Father,” which debuted at #2 on iTunes in the kids and family section!

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