10 places YOU’RE ACTUALLY ALLOWED to pick up chicks in Canberra

These places haven’t banned guys...

10 places YOU’RE ACTUALLY ALLOWED to pick up chicks in Canberra

by Bethany Larsen, Image Credit facebook @mrwolfnightclub

You may have heard the news that Canberra’s Maple Bar, the upper level of Treehouse Bar, has declared it a ‘no-pickup-zone’

Speaking to Ryan and Tanya owner Mike Kadinski said “It’s just something we thought would be different that we’d try out. We thought, let’s see how people would enjoy being in a more comfortable environment.”

Whilst we applaud Maple Bar for taking this fantastic initiative, here are 10 places you WILL BE ABLE to get lucky if you’re a single bloke/girl heading out in Canberra.

  1. Downstairs MOOSE. Canberra at its finest. As a girl recently quoted on the hit 104.7 Facebook page 'if he doesn't do Mooseheads, I don't do him’.
  2. Nightsbridge 4am. This penthouse bar starts off as a classy joint but as the night tick’s away, people like to party it up.
  3. Queanbeyan Bowls Club. Okay not officially Canberra, but why not a sneaky trip over the border to check out our close NSW neighbours.
  4. CUBE PODIUM ‘take your shirt off!’ Got good abbs and a tan? Now’s your time to rise and shine!
  5. The bath-tub at Mr Wolf. Taking your shoes off and sitting down here after a long night/or day of partying is a Canberra rite of passage.
  6. Uni night at the LIGHTY. We love uni students, they’re on a tight budget and still don’t let it stop them from partying!! ‘Here’s to (insert name) he’s true blue….’
  7. Schnitty night at Raiders Gungahlin. What better way to strike up a conversation with a love interest than over a foot size schnitzel for $12. Money left-over to buy them a drink #winning.
  8. Tuggeranong Skate Park. Before nightclub days (apart from the Blue Light) when we were younger this is all we had. Why not re-live those memories and see if you can impress a cutie with a sneaky flip.
  9. CMC in Fyshwick. Okay, an expensive option, but you get where we’re going ;)
  10. MR WOLF/MOOSHEADS Ally. Because we all spend half our night walking between/deciding over these two clubs. For some reason when that’s too much of a struggle we spend half of the night here.

Remember boys… and girls, we can help steer you in the right direction, but at the end of the day it’s up to you! And ALWAYS be respectful!