Christmas Spirit Alive In Maryborough

December 17 at 5:30pm

Christmas Spirit Alive In Maryborough

Queens park in Maryborough came alive yesterday as thousands gathered for the annual Apex Santa Fair and Carols in the park.

The action in the park kicked off at 2:30, with the Apex Santa Fair. Ham and toy raffle spins and the iconic Apex train were highlights of the afternoon, along with a visit from the one and only Mr Santa Claus himself! There was kids rides, face painting and a variety of food vendors to satisfy the hungry tummies. As with every year, the Santa Fair showbags were in great demand, with a large lineup to snavel one.

Following the wrap up of the Santa Fair at 5:30, the annual Carols in the Park commenced, bringing joy to kids of all ages. The park was filled with families on picnic blankets and camp chairs, ready to sing their favourite carols and reignite that Christmas Spirit. The evening was hosted by wonderful Mc’s Sotik Sanderson and Jonathan Jobe , who did a fantastic job at making sure the event was another great success.

At 7pm, as the entertainment began their Aussie rendition of Jingle Bells (who doesn’t love Christmas in Australia on a scorching Summer’s Day?), kids and adults alike got excited as Mr & Mrs Claus were escorted through the crowd by a team of elves, a camel, and some actors from 1001 Arabian nights, currently on show at the Z-Pac Theatre. Oh, and two VERY good looking Mix FM elves, too! Mrs Claus, AKA Carmel Murdoch, said that this year’s event was “The biggest I’ve ever seen, and it’s wonderful to see the community get behind this event each year.”

After hopping up on stage to see who had been naughty and who had been nice, Santa & the gang entertained the masses with Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer before heading down to shake hands with the kidlets who were eagerly awaiting their opportunity to ask for a new bike or barbie doll.

The evening finished off at 8pm with a beautiful display of fireworks, supported by Ergon Energy.

Hervey Bay will host their Christmas Carols on Saturday, December 17 at 5:30pm on Seafront Oval.