Viewers Are Divided Over This Cyclist Crash Caught On Dash Cam

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Viewers Are Divided Over This Cyclist Crash Caught On Dash Cam Image: Dash Cam Owners Australia / Facebook

The shocking moment a Brisbane cyclist collided with a car has been captured on dash cam and shared today to social media – leaving viewers fiercely divided on the incident.

The heated exchange reportedly occurred last year as a driver named John was entering the busy Coronation Drive – with a male cyclist hitting the left side of his vehicle and stacking it.

While a tirade of swearing follows from the cyclist, the driver also fires back, with footage shared to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page.

"Cyclist tried to make it in front of my car. He didn't. Locked up the front wheels and flipped onto my bonnet. I did not hit him," said John.

Some followers have watched back the clip, saying it was the cyclist’s fault.

“It’s pretty obvious it’s a very busy road and you would never get out if you sat back and didn’t block the path. It’s also pretty obvious the motorist took his time in case a cyclist was coming down the hill and did as much as he could to give way. A bit of common sense goes a bloody long way,” wrote one man wrote on Facebook.

Another said: “Common sense is needed, what is the driver to do? He snuck forward slowly .Surely the bike rider has to take some responsibility too.”

Others, including the Australia National Office of Cycling Security have defended the cyclist.

“Assuming that’s a bike/shared path - the driver must yield when crossing it. He failed to do that. This is not complicated - driver at fault,” they said.

“Why are Aussie drivers so clueless? Seriously people learn the rules. Aren’t you the ones who supposedly know them with your car licence and all? I guess if you just say you do, that’s enough?”