Video Showing Shoppers Scrambling For Baby Formula Causes Outrage

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Video Showing Shoppers Scrambling For Baby Formula Causes Outrage Facebook: Cindy Emma

A customer has posted a video of women scrambling for baby formula in a Brisbane Coles.

Cindy Emma posted the video of women frantically grabbing the cans, accusing the supermarket of doing nothing to stop the practice.

“This is what happens every morning at Toowong Coles,” she said.

“Same people every day literally running into the store fighting each other grabbing as much baby formula as they possibly can leaving the entire shelf empty laughing at me thinking it’s funny when I questioned them about it. What are you going to do about this Coles?”

Her video has attracted almost 200 comments.

This is disgusting, makes me so angry. There were times I drove to three or four different Coles and woolworths stores at night to buy S26 and all of the shelves were empty. Should be a limit of two per customer” Bianca Crossly wrote. 

“I used to struggle to get what I needed for my son,” Natalie Murphy added.

Baby formula is in high demand among Chinese “daigou” who sell Australian products on social media and ship them back to China for a profit. – reports.

Coles has a limit of four tins of baby formula per person and have replied to the post. 

"Hi Cindy, thanks for getting in touch. Our stores have a strict limit of 4 tins of baby formula that is enforced per customer."

“I have spoken to your staff in store and have been advised ... that this is not the case, they are just as frustrated, they told me that these people change their clothes and come back and buy more.” Cindy wrote.

“They told me there is nothing they can do about it even though they try to limit the amount they still buy more. This happens day after day, store after store, what are you going to do about it?

“They are lined up in the morning before the store opens, about 10 of them, the same people every day at the same store. It would be nice if you could tell the truth Coles instead of lying to your customers.”