Transport Costs Higher in Brisbane Than Melbourne

Public Transport Snapshot

Transport Costs Higher in Brisbane Than Melbourne

Pic Credit: By Gusha Public Domain

Brisbane is bucking the trend when it comes to public transport charges according to a new report.

Fees actually went down in the final quarter of 2016, due to a fall in fares through a shift in zoning and fare structures.

But the audit, done for the Australian Automobile Association, also showed that Brisbane households are being slugged more than Melbourne residents.

Brissy locals forked out an average of $19,409.29 for transport in the final quarter of 2016, that's compared to $18,574.67 in Melbourne and $22,050.30 in Sydney.

Brisbane drivers fare better when it comes to how much we are shelling out to fill up the tank at the bowser. We are the fourth most expensive city, with motorists paying an average of $62.19 a week to keep the car running from A to B.

Hobart was the most expensive place to run a car - with the average paid a week hitting the $63.35 mark in the final quarter of last year. Canberra was second most expensive.

The cost of keeping the family car on the move eats up almost 16 per-cent of the family income on average.

The index is based on a hypothetical family in each capital city.

The model family is a couple who use two cars, both have jobs.

A typical family car is driven 13,800 kilometres per year, and is 9.8 years old. As well, the model assumes that the household’s two vehicles are driven 15,000 and 10,000 kays a year.

A 2014 study showed nearly two thirds of commuters drive to work, with only a small percentage using public transport.