Thousands May Receive Compo Payment After Storm Blackout

Energex to reimburse locals

Thousands May Receive Compo Payment After Storm Blackout Getty

Thousands of residents in southeast Queensland who were affected by mass blackouts during Sunday's wild thunderstorm may be in line for some compensation.

Under Energex's guaranteed service level provision, the company is required to reimburse customers $114 if they suffered a long outage.

Customers outside of Brisbane CBD who lost power for more than 18 hours are eligible for payment, and for those living in the city the cut-off is more than eight hours.

Spokesperson Justin Coomba said Energex is responsible for automatically reimbursing affected customers.

"We had more than 135,000 customers impacted by this storm event and each customers' situation will be different," he said.

"Customers don't need to do anything, they will receive it automatically if they're eligible and if they have any questions, there's a heap of information on our website."

Energex have three months to transfer the cash, if you believe you're entitled to reimbursement but don't receive a payout, you can contact the company directly.