The Ultimate Movie Snacks List

Did we miss anything?

The Ultimate Movie Snacks List Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / “Dülmen, Viktorkirmes in der Marktgasse -- 2014 -- 3732” / CC BY-SA 4.0

American Express Openair Cinemas are back in Brisbane, see the awesome line-up of movies here.

And it got thinking about some of the best movie snacks around.

We’re calling this the Ultimate Movie Snacks List… If we have missed your favourite, make sure you tell us in the comments!



Starting with an obvious one. How good is warm cinema popcorn? Then topped with salted caramel? The problem is having enough self-control to make a tub last the credits.

Don’t worry if you’re bingeing at home because the shops serve up some very tasty flavours. Just remember to stock up before pressing play!




Similar to popcorn, you can get some rocking flavours. If you haven’t tried some of the more exy brands, you really need to because they’re worth it!

Remember to open the bag in one fluid movement so you avoid disrupting everyone with unproductive rustling.

Handy Tip: Stock up when they’re on special.



Choc Tops

Always a treat when you go to the movies but the downside to this delicious snack is… well, it’s ice cream and it melts. Consider pairing your choc top with another snack to enjoy later in the movie.




Chocolate enthusiasts know that the best snack to accompany chocolate is… CHOCOLATE!

Grab a block (for yourself), or if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in a position where you need to share, go for individually wrapped varieties.




The mess-free alternative to regular chocolate. When you drop one of these bad boys, it’s not going to melt into your clothes/seat/puppy.




One for at home purely because you don’t wanna be that person who gets pizza delivered to a cinema, plus the manager would have a very stern look on their face. 





Cheese should be enjoyed any time. During a movie is just another time.



Healthy stuff

We’ve really only added this to keep our mums happy.



That’s our Ultimate Guide Movie Snacks List. Let us know if we’ve missed anything!

Grab you favourite movie snack and catch a movie at American Express Openair Cinemas, in Brisbane until 19th November. Book your tix here