Teen At House Party Pictured 'Abusing' A Possum

Flung it over the fence

Teen At House Party Pictured 'Abusing' A Possum 9 News

Video has emerged of a teenager at a house party allegedly flinging a possum over a fence by its tail in the latest case of social media animal cruelty.

The clip, posted to Snapchat over night, with revellers seen drinking and dancing while the possum was being allegedly tortured in the background.

According to 9News, a witness stated that she "witnessed a possum being completely abused".

The video is graphic, with the possum swung around repeatedly in a washing-machine motion, before being released and flung over a neighbour's fence.

It is unclear if the possum was alive at the time and whether it survived.

You can watch the footage of the incident here.