School Closed After Gastro Outbreak

Investigation into the outbreak underway

School Closed After Gastro Outbreak

A gastro outbreak has taken hold of a college in Brisbane's north, with St Maria College shut today after the bug spread through the school.

A number of teachers and students fell ill with vomiting and diarrhoea in the Mitchelton school, with 15 members of the college wiped out on Wednesday afternoon.

Two Year 10 classes had reportedly gone for a trip to Parliament House and the courts on Tuesday, and by Wednesday, several were hospitalised.

The decision to close the school was made on advice from Queensland Health, as attempts are made to determine the number of people affected by the outbreak.

“We have been in regular contact with Queensland Health over the past few hours and the staff there will be making contact with the families and students directly affected by the sickness to try to determine where it may have originated and what the sickness is,” Principal Glenn McConville said in a letter home.

“After talking with BCE this afternoon we have decided to close the College tomorrow (Friday 18 May) to prevent any further potential transmission of the sickness between students and staff.

“I believe the safety, health and wellbeing of the students and staff must be our main priority at this time and by giving at least a 48 hour window from student sickness today may help break the transmission cycle.

“We will have our contract cleaners work across the College this evening and tomorrow to disinfect surfaces, doors handles, veranda railings, and so on.”