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Queensland MP Wears "F" "U" Cufflinks To Hearing

Member for Kawana.

Queensland MP Wears "F" "U" Cufflinks To Hearing AAP

Opposition MP Jarrod Bleijie is dismissing accusations he tried to intimidate top Queensland officials by wearing cufflinks with the letters "F" and "U" on them.

Mr Bleijie says the cufflinks he wore to budget estimates hearings on Thursday refer to the character Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey on the hit TV political drama House of Cards.

Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath has accused him of an "appalling, deliberate attempt to intimidate" officials, including Crime and Corruption Commission boss Alan MacSporran.

"I will be writing the the chairperson and the speaker regarding this matter," Ms D'Ath told the hearing.

"It is appalling behaviour by the member for Kawana, who is also manager of opposition business and a former attorney-general in this state and appears to be very deliberate in his actions."

Mr Bleijie labelled the issue a distraction.

"Most people would recognise this is a pop culture reference, these are cufflinks I've had for years," Mr Bleijie told reporters.

"(Labor) has their own house of cards going on and we are attempting through the estimates process to get to the bottom of those issues."

Mr Bleijie quizzed Mr MacSporran about a range of matters including appointments to government boards and the CCC's investigation into corruption in the Ipswich City Council during the first session of the hearings on Thursday.

It's understood the cufflinks are replicas of ones worn by Spacey in the show, in which he portrays a corrupt American politician who becomes president.