Queensland Election: Both Major Parties Vow Not To Deal With One Nation

No support for Pauline

Queensland Election: Both Major Parties Vow Not To Deal With One Nation Nine/Getty

The race to win over Queensland voters has begun, as both Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Opposition leader Tim Nicholls hit the election campaign trail ahead of the November 25 vote.

Palaszczuk is kicking off in Airlie Beach, no doubt spruiking Labor's recovery effort after Cyclone Debbie and the jobs to be created by the Adani Coal Mine, a project she says will be applied under the "strictest environmental conditions".

Two of her press conferences since announcing the election have already been gatecrashed by Adani protestors, but she says she's got no problem with it.

"We should be very thankful that we live in a democracy and they'll voice their opinions during an election campaign. I'm all for that, I just ask people to be respectful," Palaszczuk told Hit105's Stav Abby and Matt.

Nicholls, meantime, will be touring electorates across the south east, saying the LNP have "learnt from past mistakes" and have the policies to help Queensland families get ahead.

"The question for Queenslanders at this election is - who do you trust?" he told ABC TV.

"Who do you trust to get your family ahead? Who do you trust to deal with increasing power prices? Who do you trust to deliver jobs?"

But as both the major parties make pitches for votes, it's One Nation that believe they will hold the balance of power by going after two Labor stronghold seats, at Logan and Capalaba.

Both Palaszczuk and Nicholls have vowed not to make any preference deals with Pauline Hanson's party.

"I have been clear about it, there is no coalition, no shared ministry and there are no deals with One Nation," said Nicholls.

"I have made it absolutely clear that Labor will do no deals with One Nation," said Palaszczuk.

Hanson will be out-of-action during the first few crucial days of the campaign, because she's currently in India for a parliamentary trip.

"Seems a cowardly Anna Palaszczuk decided to wait until I was out of the country to cancel on her grandma & call a snap election-PH," Hanson tweeted on Sunday.

Palaszczuk said she hadn't seen Hanson's travel itinerary.

"I only found out she was in India the other day! But India is our third largest trading partner, so that's great. She should be over there being where our exports go and the fact that it creates jobs for Queenslanders, so I think it's going to open her eyes up, to see how important trade is for Queensland," she told Stav Abby and Matt.

One Nation state leader Steve Dickson told The Courier Mail, Hanson would not campaign in Queensland until Saturday, but her absence would not dull the resurgent party's impact at the polls.