Police Say Some Of The 'Irish Scammers' Have Fled The Country

Hunt to nab those remaining

Police Say Some Of The 'Irish Scammers' Have Fled The Country QPS

Police have revealed several members of the so-called 'Irish scammer' group that are accused of defrauding dozens of residents and businesses across the South East in the past few months, have fled the country.

Hit105 received a tip-off from a local travel agent over the weekend who booked flights for the group, saying they requested urgent travel to Hawaii.

"We know some of these people have left the country now, my detectives are still investigating in bringing it all together for those who may remain in the country," Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming told Channel Nine on Monday.

"It's pretty obvious to us based on some of our findings that this attention has put many of them to ground."

Since January the group, all believed to be tourists from Ireland, have been involved in at least 12 offences.

Some of them claimed to find glass or hair in their food in order to get free meals, others were caught on security cameras filling designer handbags with stolen goods from supermarkets and retail outlets. Several men have also allegedly scammed elderly residents out of thousands of dollars by posing as tradies and pressuring them into paying for construction work around the house, which was never completed.

While Clara, an employee at Queensland Buildings and Body Corporation, revealed to Hit105's Stav Abby & Matt the group had trashed four apartments they were using for short-term rentals.

"Punched holes in vanity's, holes in walls, clogged the toilets with potatoes, intimidated other residents coming and going from the building, one family also put all the plugs in and left the taps running and totally flooded the unit for 24 hours before we found out," she said.

Clara said since the group were moved on and refused their bond refund, she's been receiving threatening phone calls at the office.

"Threats through the work phone.. personal threats against me and against the business, of a horrific nature. They're very very explicit."

Australian Border Force are also now involved in the investigation, while any victims who are yet to come forward and make an official complaint should contact Policelink on 131 444.