New Laws Mean Plastic Bags Banned In Queensland

Plus, CASH FOR CANS is back!

New Laws Mean Plastic Bags Banned In Queensland

Single use plastic bags will officially be a thing of the past in just a matter of months, after the Queensland Government passed laws overnight. 

While we'll have to remember the re-usable bags from July 1 2018 (or prepare to pay), there is some cash up for grabs in another way.. 

Most drink containers ranging from 150mls to 3 litres will now be eligible for a 10cent refund when returned to designated container refund points, including some reverse vending machines which will be rolled out state-wide. 

Environment Minister Steven Miles says it's a game changer. 

"We are giving people access to the latest technology to do it. Reverse vending machines are easy to use and provide instant refunds. They will be made available right across the state."

"With an estimated 2.4 billion eligible containers generated in Queensland each year, the container refund scheme will create new social and commercial opportunities. This means more revenue for our not-for-profit organisations including sporting clubs and charities. It will give community groups like the Scouts a chance to make some money out of the work they're already doing to keep our neighbourhoods clean" 

"This bill responds to overwhelming community demand."

"Many of us have fond memories of cash for cans. For me, I remember school holidays spent with my grandad, stacking XXXX long neck bottles to raise funds for the northern suburbs racing pigeons club. I can still smell the sale beer, and hear the crash of broken glass" 

The minister also praised Coles and Woolworths for announcing earlier this year that they would voluntarily impose a nationwide ban on lightweight plastic shopping bags, which are already banned in some other states.

"It goes to show that there is broad momentum and support for this ban," he said