Heatwave Rolling Toward Brisbane

Temps 7 to 8 degrees above average

Heatwave Rolling Toward Brisbane

Pic Credit: Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

A severe heat wave is predicted to hit Brisbane this weekend.

The Weather Bureau's Vinord Anand is warning us to brace for highs of 35 and 37 on Saturday and Sunday.

He said the heat wave is forecast in the southeast, with the mercury to soar above the 40 degree mark in Ipswich on the weekend.

Mr Anand said we have seen low intensity heat for quite a while "especially over the inland parts of Queensland where we've seen temperatures in the mid 40's range for most of the week and even last week as well".

So it has been "exceptionally hot conditions over there, but the way this heat wave assessment product works is it looks at the last 30 days as well".

He said "although the average for February for Brisbane is around 30 degrees, so it's still fairly warm I guess, although not as warm as it was in January, the temperatures we are gonna see in the south east are seven to eight degrees above average".

But the further west you travel the hotter it gets, so especially over the south west "the Darling Downs and the Granite Belt region we're expecting temperatures probably up to 12 to 13 degrees above the normal for this time of the year" Mr Anand said.

He said the UV index will remain high. "We are mostly expecting very high fire dangers for most of the south eastern parts of Queensland today, tomorrow and even into the weekend" but he said "we are not seeing any severe fire danger ratings yet" Mr Anand said.