Heartless Vandals Destroy Christmas Lights Home Displays Across Salisbury

Locals left hundreds out of pocket

Heartless Vandals Destroy Christmas Lights Home Displays Across Salisbury  Getty

Vandals have put a dampener on Christmas celebrations across the suburb of Salisbury on Brisbane's southside, with many locals saying their home's Christmas light displays have been cut or damaged in recent days.

Several residents have taken to their local community Facebook page to post about destroyed front yard displays, some saying they'd spent hundreds of dollars on lights which are now unusable.

Local Damien McCann said his house has been targeted twice in the past week.

"I went outside to start mowing the lawns when I saw a heap of cut lights hanging down, traced them back and then found another cut. Obviously they've realised the lights were still working and have come back to finish the job," he said.

"Spending half a day putting all the lights up and then realising they've come right to your front door to cut them, it ticks you off after all that hard work."

"The last couple of nights i've been staying up until midnight, one o'clock in the morning, walking the streets to suss things out. I had a couple of kids on the run the other night. But it's going to get to the point where someone takes matters into their own hands and someone gets hurt," McCann said.

Police say they've had numerous reports of light tampering in the area and are urging all locals to report the damage.

"We are investigating a number of reports of wilful damage to Christmas lights. The investigation of property related offences is one of our highest priorities," said QPS spokesman Tony Reeves.

"We are asking members of our community to properly secure their homes and property, where possible, and report all suspicious behaviour."