GPs Fed Up With Patients Using 'Dr Google'

Massive spike in self-diagnosing

GPs Fed Up With Patients Using 'Dr Google'

A massive jump in the number of Queenslanders turning to 'Dr Google' for health advice, has got GPs seeing red.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Stats has revealed the number of online health queries across the state has increased by a shocking 130 per cent over the past year, from 633,500 to a whopping 1.46 million.

Medical experts say doctors are fed up with dealing with panicky patients who have incorrectly diagnosed themselves, and it's costing the health system tens of millions of dollars, as a significant percentage of the federal health budget goes towards patient driven investigations.

Australian Medical Association president Bill Boyd said people are likely to cause themselves unnecessary stress from googling their symptoms.

"If you google headaches there's a fair chance that a brain tumour will come up early in the search and this sort of thing can cause a lot of anxiety with patients," Boyd told The Courier Mail.

Some of the most commonly googled health questions in the past year include 'What is normal blood pressure?', 'Why am i so tired?' and 'What causes kidney stones?'.