Gold Coast Granny Says She 'Needed Glasses' After Shooting At Son-In-Law

She has been jailed

Gold Coast Granny Says She 'Needed Glasses' After Shooting At Son-In-Law

A Gold Coast grandmother who told police she needed to 'get her eyes fixed' after firing a shot and missing her son-in-law has been jailed.

Miriam Annette Eason was sentenced to two-and-a-half years' imprisonment at the Southport District Court on Thursday for the March 2016 incident.

Eason must serve a mandatory minimum period of 18 months in prison before the remainder of her sentence is suspended for three years in August 2019.

The 53-year-old fired a single shot at her son-in-law outside her daughter's Nerang home in the mistaken belief her granddaughter was in danger.

The shot missed and the man fled inside the home before Eason could fire again.

She then fired a shot near her daughter when she came out to confront her mother before getting in her car and firing several more shots at the house.

When she was arrested a short time later, Eason told police she was surprised she'd missed and was happy to go to jail as she could get her eyes fixed and then try again.

Judge Catherine Muir said while she accepted the grandmother was a low risk of re-offending she conceded her fears for her granddaughter were unjustified, her actions were reckless and dangerous.

"This was a deliberate and planned action ... with a potential for serious risk of injury or death," Judge Muir said.

"You are a mature woman who committed an extreme act of vigilantism which could have exposed people to serious harm."

The gun Eason used in the attack was located by police and has been forfeited.