Foster Carers Needed For Goondiwindi Puppy Farm Dogs In Limbo

RSPCA says majority still not re-homed

Foster Carers Needed For Goondiwindi Puppy Farm Dogs In Limbo

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The RSPCA's desperate for foster carers to take in the 80 or so puppies and dogs seized from that nasty puppy farm at Goondiwindi, out west, last month. 

The welfare group isn't able to re-home the pooches until the owner - who's currently before the courts - officially signs them over for adoption. 

Spokesperson for the RSPCA, Michael Beatty, says the red tape around the process is frustrating. 

"It is frustrating, you're absolutely right. It is a problem, there's no doubt about that but we have to go by the legal system"

Beatty says the group has been pushing for an overhaul of the system, introducing a bond system. 

"In other words, if a puppy farm or animals are seized and they don't hand them over then they have to pay some sort of bond towards their upkeep. Obviously, if they win the court case or something then we will have to return that bond"

He says, in the past, they've been caring for animals for up to 2 years while the court case took place. In the Goondiwindi situation, the care of the dogs (after the initial $30,000 in the first 5 days) is costing more than $2,500 a day. 

Beatty says they're at a point where they're desperate for foster carers. 

"We already have 1500 carers state wide, and they do a fantastic job but there's no doubt we need more"

He says the dogs are timid, having never been in a shelter environment before.

"They've all got different personalities, but on the whole they're all doing well"

Anyone keen to help out can register their interest via the RSPCA QLD website