Fitness Trends In Brisbane You’ll Actually Love!

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Fitness Trends In Brisbane You’ll Actually Love!

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It’s only a few sleeps until summer is officially here. If you’re like us and your summer bod isn’t quite ready, we’ve found some of the coolest fitness trends you’ll actually want to do!

Yo Yoga
If you’re anything like us and you find yourself falling asleep in your regular old yoga class, we’ve got something for you! It’s loud, it’s fun and you get to break it down to all your favourite Hip Hop artists. We’re talking the likes of Notorious B.I.G, Yeezy and Queen B.


Source: Yo Yoga


It’s not exactly calorie burning intensity, but mental health is just as important as a killer booty, right? Spend 60 minutes in a sensory deprivation tank floating in total darkness. Not having to fight gravity gives your muscles, joints and bones a much needed break and lets your body focus all that energy into healing and introspection. We know it sounds weird, but you have to try it!

 Source: City Cave


Skyfit at Sky Zone
Apparently 10 minutes on a trampoline will burn as many calories as a 30 minute jog! Hey, we’re willing to try anything. Skyfit group classes improve upper and lower body strength and cardiovascular endurance as well as improving balance and coordination. Take your pick of seven different classes.


Source: Sky Zone


AntiGravity Yoga
Say what? Think yoga meets trapeze. But no need to fear, it’s supposed to be easier than a regular yoga class because the AntiGravity Hammock supports your weight while you get all the benefits or stretching out those tired muscles. There’s different levels of classes so even those of us who haven’t got our summer body ready yet will do just fine.


Source: Flightskool


Hip Hop in Heels

Whether you’ve never danced before (who are you kidding, we’ve seen you on a Saturday night shaking that thang) or you’re a pro, Mad Dance House has a class for you. Kick off your weekend with a sweat session on Half Price Friday.


Source: Mad Dance House


Circa Training Centre
For something a little different this hump day, check out Circa’s Hoot Camp. Incorporating tumbling, trapeze, tissue, tightwire and acrobalance it’ll be nothing like a workout you’ve ever done before.


Source: Flipside Circus


Park Run
Park run organise weekly, 5km timed runs in a bunch of locations across Brisbane. They’re free organised events held every weekend. Whether you’re a couch potato or the next Kathy Freeman, head along and get those legs pumping. Most groups run their own social activities after so get involved and meet some new friends!


Source: Park Run


SUP Yoga
If you’re down with the yoga trend but want to try something a little different and make the most of this weather, SUP Yoga could be your new best friend. A paddle board is essentially a floating yoga mat providing the ultimate core workout to maintain balance and posture on the water. Classes include a paddle out to sea for an awesome warm up before returning to the shallows to try out your best yoga poses. 

Source: Sea Breeze


Outdoor Fitness Meetups
There’s nothing quite like working out in the fresh air. Check out Meetup for fitness groups all around Brisbane – everything from walking and Zumba to boot camps and bike riding.