Chef Left Flat To Buy Cleaver And Bleach After Killing Girlfriend

More gruesome details out of inquest

Chef Left Flat To Buy Cleaver And Bleach After Killing Girlfriend

Warning: content may be distressing.

A coroner has been urged to this week find the death of a Brisbane chef who took his own life after killing and cooking his Indonesian partner was unavoidable, after questions were made against the officers who pursued him.

Coroner Terry Ryan is due on Friday to hand down his findings in the 2014 murder-suicide at the couple's inner-city flat.

During closing submissions of a two-day inquest on Tuesday, counsel assisting the coroner, Emily Cooper, said the evidence was clear that Marcus Volke killed transgender escort Mayang Prasetyo before taking his own life in an industrial bin while evading police.

The Brisbane Coroners Court was told neighbours heard Volke and Ms Prasetyo arguing for hours in the lead up to her grisly death on October 2, 2014.

The court heard the chef left the flat several times after murdering Ms Prasetyo: twice to buy a cleaver and cleaning products such as bleach, scrubbing brushes and garbage bags, and once to get a cut on his hand stitched at hospital.

In his findings, the coroner is expected to rule on whether the police involved in trying to find and detain Volke shortly before his death on October 4, 2014, adhered to Queensland Police Service policy and procedure.

It comes after the inquest heard police who arrived at the Teneriffe unit initially thought the gruesome sight was a sick prank.

Body parts were found in a garbage bag in the washing machine and Ms Prasetyo's feet were protruding from a stock pot in the kitchen, police officers testified.

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