Brissie Motorists Told To Boycott Certain Price Gouging Servos

Back to school sees prices jump

Brissie Motorists Told To Boycott Certain Price Gouging Servos

The RACQ's calling for Queenslanders to use people power and boycott the petrol retailers hiking prices in time for the back to school traffic rush. 

The state's currently the most expensive in the country for unleaded, with the average price sitting around $1.50 a litre on Monday morning.

That price is a good 20 cent jump on prices this time last week, and the peak motoring body says it's not necessarily a reflection of where prices should be. 

"There were recent increases in the global oil price but what we don't like is when we see the likes of Coles and BP always being the first to jack up the prices. We really want motorists to pay attention to who they're filling up and where they're filling up, so they're getting the best deal," the RACQ's Renee Smith said. 

"We're calling on motorists to support cheaper service stations. While there isn't much opportunity right now, as we've gone up into this expensive phase of the cycle, when there is, it is really important to pay attention where you're filling up. We really want to use people power to drive prices down." 

The advice, today, for anyone running on empty, is simple...

 "Top up, don't fill up. These prices will eventually come down but what we see is the price cycles at the moment are lasting over a month. So, make sure if you do see any cheap servos, make sure you go in and snap up that fuel because there isn't much of the cheaper stuff left around Brisbane," Smith said.