Brisbane Woman Learns She's A Millionaire On Bus To Work


Brisbane Woman Learns She's A Millionaire On Bus To Work

A Rochedale woman got more than just a free fare this morning on the bus to work when she picked up a phone call from a Golden Casket official telling her she’d become a millionaire over night!

The 60-year-old woman admitted she thought she 'could' have won the $1 million after seeing the numbers in last night’s Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto draw, but assumed she was mistaken as it was too good to be true!

The hardworking woman in her 60s had one of the three division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto draw 3685 on Wednesday 9August 2017.  Each division one winner takes home the guaranteed division one prize of $1 million!

The regular player used numbers handpicked by her daughter many years ago and said she plans to use her prize to buy her cherished family home.

“Oh, so I didn’t see wrong!” she said to Golden Casket while on the bus. 
“I looked at the results but thought ‘don’t get too excited’. I was coming to work and thought ‘no, what’s the bet I looked at Saturday’s results’.  That’s the sort of thing I do!"
“So it’s true! I can’t believe it. You’ve made my day!"
“I just don’t believe this is happening to me!”
“I’ve made sure I’ve always worked, my daughter had a good education, and it was all worth it, but I still had nothing to show for it,” she explained.
“I’ve always thought if I could just win enough to buy the family home off dad.  That’s been my dream,” she said.
“Now it’s all fallen into place!”
Good on you!