Beware Of Debbie-Affected Cars Up For Sale

How to check it's not a dud

Beware Of Debbie-Affected Cars Up For Sale


As the clean up continues across Queensland from last month's Cyclone Debbie the RACQ is warning prospective car buyers to be wary of flood-affected vehicles popping up on the second-hand market.

The motoring body says it's very common for water-damaged cars to hit the market after a 'big wet', especially through private sale, because it's easier for owners than paying for the repairs.

"Flood damaged cars could come with a raft of problems and end up costing a lot more than just the sale price," said Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding.

"Often there are no obvious signs of damage, but that doesn't mean there are no issues. You need to do the proper checks, like checking for water damage inside the glove box, lifting the carpet up and looking in the boot, under the spare wheel."

"Driving a car that’s been affected by water can be very risky, especially if mechanical components have been engulfed. Water in the transmission can affect oils and lead to expensive failures."

For more info on flood damaged cars head to the RACQ Website