Petrol Prices Are Going Up In Bendigo

We'll show you how to get a bargain!

Petrol Prices Are Going Up In Bendigo

Drivers are forking out up to 145 cents for a litre of unleaded petrol at some service stations around Bendigo this week.

It's a sudden spike in what we've recently been paying at the bowser. RACV's regional petrol fuel price for Bendigo averaging 122.8 cents over the last 7 days.

So why the sudden increase? Well, that's a good question.

The Bendigo Advertiser spoke with RACV's fuel spokesman Michael Case, who said the company's waiting on an explanation by oil companies giving insight into what's causing such a large increase.

The good news is we've located some spots where you'll find a better deal, thanks to Petrol Spy.

That website has up-to-date prices for all locations in our area, and it's a good idea to shop around!

Long Gully BP was advertising 145.9 cents per litre on Wednesday, while the Kangaroo Flat Apco was still selling at 119.9 cents, reports The Addy.

The price surge comes ahead of a report by the Victorian Parliament's Economic, Education, Jobs and Skills Committee, which is investigating why regional motorists consistently pay more for petrol than people who live in Melbourne.

The Committee hopes it'll reduce our fuel prices in the future, as they look into the impact of high fuel prices on our families, businesses and industry.