Loddon Mallee Residents Suffering Higher Rate of S.T.Is

Gonorrhea is the biggest concern!

Loddon Mallee Residents Suffering Higher Rate of S.T.Is

You might have seen this story about a "Bendigo man" circulating on social media this week...

One of 5000 similar texts sent to Newsreader Elle Gentle's iPhone this week

We can confirm that's just a FAKE NEWS website, making Bendigo infamous for all the wrong reasons, but there is some bad news when it comes to sexual health in the community.

Latest medical data from the Victorian Government indicates Loddon Mallee residents are suffering from gonorrhea close to twice the rate as last year.

Loddon Mallee gonoccoal infections from 1 Jan to 11 July (Source: Vic Health)

This comes as the World Health Organisation warns us the sexually transmitted infection is nearing impossible heights when it comes to treatment due to the bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics.

The Victorian Health Department reports 91 cases of the S.T.I in the Loddon Mallee region this year.

That's just 26 cases less than the entire total for 2016... suggesting this year will be close to twice as bad for infection rates in our community.

The best way to protect yourself is through safe sexual health practices, like wearing a condom.

Symptoms of gonorrhea include:  

  • pain when urinating
  • discharge (watery fluid) coming from your penis (for the guys)  
  • unusual discharge from your vagina (for the girls)
  • pain during sex

 If you need advice from a medical doctor contact Bendigo Community Health Service or your local GP.